Girls at Recess



This will be a free 8-week program which will be held on Mondays, commencing the 19th of October, and concluding the 7th of December. The group will be facilitated by psychologists. The aim is to provide a safe and fun setting to develop reciprocal social skills and awareness, with professional guidance.


The group will be suitable for girls in years 3 - 5 at school who are experiencing difficulties due to misunderstanding social cues, feeling confused by complex friendship dynamics and may be anxious about socialising, making friends and navigating social situations.


Each session will consist of:

45 minutes          Targeted skill development

Participants will learn social skills such as appropriate greetings, reading body language/facial expressions and holding conversations. They will learn about social anxiety and develop some insight into their own social habits.

10 minutes          Refreshment break

30 minutes          Group activity

Participants will practise their social skills with each other and the presenters during 30 minutes of a group craft activity. Commencing from the second session, participants will be involved in planning the group activities. This will involve discussions, sharing information with each other about preferred interests and hobbies and practising compromise. Social skills practice during the craft activity will be monitored and corrected by the presenters.


As the skills development and practice are incremental, it is imperative that participants commit to attending the entire 8-week workshop. We will not be able to offer make-up sessions for individual participants.

Please contact us for further information.


- 1800 372 000 (Option 2)

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