16th December 2019 

Important note for new referrals:

From February 2020, Warehouse One7 will be transitioning its services to a new location, based in Shellharbour. Please read this statement to find out more about this change. 

We are aware that this change may impact access to support for some families, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you require alternative referral options. 

- Warehouse One7 Team

Pinwheel Kids


0 - 12 years

To begin the referral process for a child, please complete our online intake form by clicking the picture above.

Group of Friends


13 - 18 years

If you are an adolescent, or you are referring an adolescent, please complete an adolescent intake form by clicking the picture above.

Young Family


18+ years

If you are a parent wanting support, please complete the adult intake form by clicking the picture above.



Cognitive & Learning Assessments

If you are referring a young person for a cognitive or learning assessment (i.e. WISC-V or WIAT-III), please click the picture above to complete an information form.


You will need 5-10 minutes to complete each form. You will receive a confirmation email when you finish, and then we'll contact you again within 7 days of receiving it. Please note that after school appointments are currently very limited and may not be offered at this point in time.


If you plan to see us under a mental health treatment plan from your GP, please make sure you have a copy to upload with the form. If you have problems including it with the intake form, you could also email it (triage@familyservices.org.au), or drop it in to us. 


If your GP has the only copy of your mental health treatment plan, please have them fax a copy to 4244 8116 and email us to confirm this (please ensure a current contact number is included on the plan). Call us on 4244 8118 if you are unable to email or fax us.