An occupational therapist can help patients develop, improve, and maintain the physical skills needed for daily living. They can work with your child to improve body awareness, strengthen fine and gross motor skills as well as assist with body regulation. While their focus is mainly on the body, an OT can help your child to understand why their body feels a certain way and work through strategies to improve their coping skills when feeling out of control.


Speech Therapists assist with a multitude of concerns including social communication, Verbal and non-verbal communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders. Some speech therapists are also able to work with children with learning difficulties on memory recall and educational exercises. 


Psychiatrists are medical doctors with special training and skills in preventing, diagnosing and treating mental illness and emotional troubles.

Some psychiatrists are child or paediatric psychiatrists. This means they’ve done at least two years of special training on the mental and emotional problems that children and teenagers might go through.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be quite an overwhelming concept to tackle. There is a lot of differing information on how best to apply for NDIS support packages; what information is useful to include; and how best to manage NDIS funding. It can be helpful to have guidance and assistance should this process become a reality for your family. 


A developmental paediatrician is a specialist in children's behaviour, learning and development and mental health. It's a specialty area, different to general paediatrics, in that a Developmental Paediatrician will have extra training and experience in this field. Developmental paediatricians see all sorts of children; from those that might need a little extra help to those children at the very complex end who have run the gauntlet of assessments, therapy and specialists.


Sometimes children or young people may benefit from access to materials, resources, or objects that assist with functional capability and sensory regulation. Thankfully, products that assist this are becoming more commonplace and affordable, however it is always helpful to be able to see things in person and make sure they are the right item for your child.