We are committed to providing service of highest quality to all persons in need.


We aim to foster equity and accessibility.


We do not want cost to be a barrier.


Bulk billing is available under a mental health treatment plan with valid concession card or for those experiencing significant financial disadvantage

A standard consultation with a registered psychologist is charged at $135.00, with a Medicare rebate of $87.45 processed on the spot.

A standard consultation with a clinical psychologist is charged at $175.00, with a Medicare rebate of $127.45 processed on the spot.


Private health insurance can be processed on the spot via HICAPS (dependent on your Health Fund and any unforeseen issues with connectivity of processing devices). Where a claim cannot be made onsite, you will be provided with a receipt to process with your Health Fund.


We can use NDIS funding if the funds are Self-Managed or Plan Managed by a Local Area Coordinator (LAC). If you are self-managed, you will be required to pay the session fee upfront, and a receipt will be emailed to you. If you are Plan Managed, the session fee will be invoiced to your plan manager. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this arrangement may cause, and should you require access to a NDIS Provider we can assist with this.


We are not registered NDIS providers. This means we cannot use Agency Managed NDIS funding, that is, funding managed by a service.


We are committed to providing holistic and individualised care. For every hour of face-to-face work, there is about double in “behind the scenes” work, which psychologists cannot claim (i.e. preparation of materials and resources, clinical note-taking, collaboration and with GPs). Our service does not receive any external funding at this time and therefore we are reliant on client attendance for the long-term sustainability of our service.


As such, we ask for at least 24 hours’ notice of a change to appointment. We understand that sometimes this is not possible due to unpredictable events. Where less than 24 hours' notice is provided, your card will be charged half (50%) of the total session fee. Where a session is missed without notice, your card will be charged the full scheduled fee. SMS reminders are automatically sent 48 hours prior to an appointment, allowing opportunity to cancel.


If you are not accessing any of the above options and you are seeing a registered psychologist, you will be charged $135.00 per session, or $87.45 with a valid concession card.

If you are not accessing any of the above options and are seeing a clinical psychologist, you will be charged $175.00 per session, or $128.40 with a valid concession card.

Additionally, we can offer flexible, longer-term and comprehensive individualised treatment conducted by one of our provisionally registered psychologists. They are completing their accredited pathway to general registration, and work under supervision and guidance by an accredited supervisor in addition to receiving clinical guidance by the clinical lead and the team. 

The benefits of this model include:

  • increased flexibility (i.e. not limited to 6+4 sessions),

  • no need for mental health treatment plan and diagnosis,

  • lowered waiting time, and

  • direct assistance from the clinical lead, who's books are otherwise closed.


Session fees under this model are charged at a flat rate of $50. 


If you are referred under Medicare, your treating psychologist is required to regularly correspond with the referring GP. If you require a copy of this correspondence to support an assessment or consult by another allied health professional, please let your psychologist know.

If you require an additional report to be provided, the following options are available:

  • The psychologist can complete a brief support letter within the scheduled session

  • If accessing services via Medicare (Mental Health Treatment Plan) or through private payment, a 1-2 page report can be generated at an additional cost of $130.00 including GST and will be provided upon processing of payment. Report writing is not covered by Medicare and as our Mental Health service does not receive additional government funding, we must account for a 'lost' session created by a request for a report or extended letter. A rebate cannot be received for completion of reports or letters.

  • If accessing services via NDIS, allocation of funds for report writing will be factored into your Service Agreement at commencement of treatment. Please note, your Service Agreement will be reviewed upon completion of agreed sessions or renewal of NDIS plan. Reports will be billed at $180.00  in your service agreement.