Frequently asked questions

What are your office hours?

Our general office hours are 8:30 – 5:00pm on weekdays, however appointment times within these hours are at the discretion of each psychologist.

- How do you choose which psychologist I will be working with?

Allocation is generally based on the capacity of our psychologists. Where you specify that you would prefer to see a particular psychologist, or a psychologist of a certain gender, we will do our best to accommodate this.

How long do appointments go for?

50 minutes, however please allow one hour for payment and booking of your next appointment at the end of the session. Please note that your psychologist will only be available to you during your session time. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact our administration staff. We are not a crisis service and will direct you to appropriate services if you are significantly distressed outside of your allocated session time.

Where are you located and is there parking?

Our address is 0136 Ground Level, Civic Plaza, 211 Lake Entrance Road, Shellharbour City Centre. We are outside the Stockland Shellharbour building in the courtyard across from Centrelink. Some people might know our building as the old council building. There is ample free parking available, and disabled access to our building. The best parking is accessed off Lamerton Crescent.

Do I need a referral / What is a Mental Health Treatment Plan?

If you would like to claim the Medicare rebate you will need a valid mental health treatment plan referral from your treating GP. You are entitled to a maximum of 10 rebated sessions per calendar year.

What is different about seeing a provisional psychologist?

Our provisional psychologists are in the final stage of their psychologist training and are supervised regularly by our Clinical Lead. They have completed a minimum of 4 years of university training. They will be supervised throughout their work with you, and have the skills to perform the intervention required. Due to their provisional status they are unable to access medicare rebates and the total fee is $40.00 per session. This also means that they are not limited by 10 sessions per year with a lower rate.

Do you visit schools and preschools?

Where it is requested or in line with treatment goals, our psychologists do have capacity to attend school meetings and conduct school observations. This can be discussed directly with your psychologist and will attract an additional fee for this service.

How long and often will my child need to come to therapy?

This is best discussed with your psychologist following identification of treatment goals and options of funding. Sessions are usually conducted weekly/fortnightly to begin with, however once goals are being achieved it is common more infrequent appointments.

Do I need to be present for your sessions with my child?

The majority of clients accessing services from Warehouse One7 will be required by medico-legal regulations to have a parent or carer provide consent to partake in services. This is relevant where the young person is 14 or under or where a person’s capacity to make informed consent independently may be impacted by their cognitive understanding of treatment. All clients are permitted to nominate an advocate to act on their behalf and/or provide additional support to them while accessing services. This can be discussed with your allocated psychologist or as part of the intake process.

Generally if your child is 10 years of age or under, you will be an integral part of treatment. We also ask you to please remain onsite while your child is with their psychologist, and to only leave if previously discussed with your psychologist. If you have discussed being offsite while your child is having their appointment with their psychologist, we require you to be back onsite after 30 minutes for any discussions that the psychologist may want to have with you. We cannot guarantee that your child will be able to be supervised after the 50 minute session, as we often run back to back appointments.

Do you respect confidentiality?

All psychologists are bound by confidentiality under the APS Code of Ethics (click here to view this). This means that the information that is shared between you and your psychologist is private. The only limits to confidentiality include risk of harm to yourself or somebody else, or a serious breach of law. If this occurs, your psychologist will discuss this with you and keep you informed of the process. This is necessary to keep yourself and others safe.

What about confidentiality with children?

Children and young people are entitled to the same respect regarding their confidentiality. Our clinicians will always make an effort to share strategies or important information with you, however we are not obligated to release all information. We are mandatory reporters, which means that in any instance we suspect a child or young person (your own, or another) may be at risk of harm we are obligated to make a report to the Child Protection Hotline.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are committed to providing holistic and individualised care. Our work with you and your young person is likely to involve significant collaboration between us and yourself, teachers, GP and others. We will read and prepare materials prior to our session with you. We may make a trip to the shops to buy specific resources and materials to support our work with your child. For every hour of face-to-face work, there is about double in “behind the scenes” work, which psychologists cannot claim. Our service does not receive any external funding at this time and therefore we are reliant on client attedance for the long-term sustainability of our service. As such, we ask for at least 24 hours’ notice of a change to appointment. We understand that sometimes this is not possible due to unpredictable events. Where less than 24 hours' notice is provided, half (50%) of the total session fee will be invoiced. Where a session is missed without notice the full scheduled fee will be invoiced. SMS Reminders are automatically sent 48 hours prior to an appointment, allowing opportunity to cancel.

What referrals are not appropriate for your service?

Our psychologists do not have specific training in eating disorders, high conflict parental separation, and significant risk of harm concerns. For these referrals, we generally refer to other services who specialise in these areas. Where a child has a significant developmental or cognitive delay that would impact on their ability to engage in treatment, we will prioritise parent support. If you are unsure whether your referral is suitable, please contact our office or fill in an intake form.

Can I choose where to sit for our sessions?

Yes. Due to the first session focusing on information gathering, this is usually conducted in a consultation room. Yourself and your child in conjunction with your psychologist may identify useful spaces to use in the therapy sessions including; confidential rooms, open spaces, art bench, handball court etc.

Can more than one of my children access your service?

We are happy to see different members of a family unit, if this is appropriate for the goals of therapy. Where more than one child from a family is referred, we will make a decision at intake as to whether it is more suitable for one clinician to be allocated or multiple. This will be dependent on the reason for referral. We may also refer you to family therapy options if we believe this will better suit the needs of your family.

How do I book a session with your service?

1. Complete an online enquiry form.

2. If referred by your GP, please include or send us the completed Mental Health Plan.

3. Our client care support staff will call you to book in a phone intake interview with our triage clinician to gather more information and to assess whether our service is suitable for you.

4. If your referral is suitable, once we have all necessary information required, we will place you on the waiting list.

5. Our client care support will phone you to book an initial appointment with your allocated clinician.

I’ve heard that the space you work in is different from other psychologists. What does this mean?

We utilise an open space for a large portion of our work where appropriate and useful for the therapeutic process. We have a large area to engage in activities such as art and craft, handball and board/card games. We find that this space assists children in feeling more comfortable and engaged in the process. We also have private consultation rooms upstairs if this option is preferred, or necessary based on the content of our sessions. If you would like to have a look at our space, please contact our office to organise a time and one of our staff members can show you around.

Will you write a report for my paediatrician / psychiatrist / school counsellor?

Yes. If these reports are brief we will aim to complete them while you are in your session with us. We can also distribute GP correspondence (if appropriate) free of charge. If you require a comprehensive report please reference our fee schedule for more information.